Why the Chartered Human Resource Professional Designation

As a Human Capital (HC) professional, you are a leader in your field. Employers, colleagues and clients turn to you for strategic advice, clear guidance, and leadership on all aspects of HC. Make the most of your HC knowledge and experience, and get started on the path towards the Chartered Professional in Supply Chain (CPHC™) designation – the gold standard of HC professionals.

New York Professional Institute is the designated certifying body for Chartered Professional  in the United States for the nationally and Internationally  recognized Chartered Professional in Supply Chain (CPHC™) designation.

The CPHC designation, pronounced C-P-H-C (each letter is said individually), represents a commitment to an International standard of excellence and sets a benchmark for the practice of effective Supply Chain. It emphasizes the strategic role of HC management in business and plays an important role in securing HC’s position as an equal business partner at the senior management table.

The CPHC™ designation signifies that an individual has achieved and continues to actively demonstrate mastery of the HC body of knowledge. Through a national examination and assessment process, each CPHC designate must demonstrate the core competencies relevant to the HC profession. Certification is an essential tool for maintaining high performance standards. The designation assures employers, clients and other HC professionals that a CPHC has committed to abiding by a professional code of ethics, a breach of which will result in disciplinary action including the possible removal of the designation.

CPHCs are required to report a minimum of 100 hours of professional development activity every three years on a cumulative basis and a minimum of 20 hours each year. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) signifies continued mastery of the CPHC Competency Framework, which outlines 44 discipline specific professional competencies.

The CPHC designation can enhance your career opportunities and compensation potential. An increasing number of organizations require or prefer that successful candidates for HC positions hold, or are working towards obtaining, the CPHC designation. This is particularly true for senior HC positions.

The CPHC designation is recognized by all CPHC Member Associations and can be transferred between these same Member Associations.

Benefits of Chartered Supply Chain Professional

Proven Expertise

HC Professionals who pursue the CPHC™ must meet all requirements set out by their provincial SC associations, which aim to measure their competence and experience as SC professionals. By pursuing the CPSC designation, you will prove your ability to tackle all aspects of SC and demonstrate to employers and colleagues alike that you are a true SC expert.

Continual Learning

To maintain your designation, you will be challenged to continually update your knowledge and skills in HC. As a CPHC, you’ll gain expertise and leading edge knowledge to help you manage complex and dynamic HC issues and, ultimately, become a strategic advisor.

Demonstrated Commitment

CPHCs must undergo rigorous studies, comprehensive exam(s) and ongoing learning. They are, in short, committed to the advancement of the profession. By pursuing your CPHC™, you demonstrate your commitment to constantly update your HC skills and therefore highlight your long-term passion for the profession. You join the class of HC professionals that employers seek out.

Knowledge Network & Community

As a CPHC, you are part of an exclusive, global community of HC experts. Through special events, conferences, publications and websites, you can connect with other HC professionals across the globe. This powerful network proves invaluable as HC professionals look for solutions, ideas and the ability to connect with others in the field.

Ethical Grounding

CPHCs commit themselves to high standards of ethical behaviour. They are held to the CPHC Global Code of Ethics & Rules of Professional Conduct that covers a range of important professional issues including confidentiality, conflict of interest, professional growth and more. You earn the confidence of your employer, colleagues and peers with the knowledge that you are committed to a Code of Ethics that demands the highest standards for the profession.

Get Your Chartered Professional Accriditation

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