Path to Chartered Human Resource Professional Accreditation

The CPHC designation is recognized globally, the requirements to achieving your CPHC are consistent, but the specific processes, timing etc, reflect the needs of each association’s member community.

The CPHC education, examination and experience requirements are designed to provide candidates opportunities to develop and demonstrate the required CPHC competencies.

The requirements to become a Chartered Professional in Human Capital are:

  1. Membership: Meet the requirements for membership in your CPHC member association.
  2. Knowledge: Demonstrate theoretical knowledge of the CPHC  functional competencies.
  3. Education: Demonstrate knowledge of the enabling competencies and the ability to apply functional knowledge, usually through the completion of a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.
  4. Professional Level Work Experience: Demonstrate professional level work experience practicing Human Capital, where the depth of work performed required independence of action, responsibility for outcomes, and influence with decision makers.
  5. Professional Conduct: Commit to adhere to the Code of Ethics & Rules of Professional Conduct.

The CPHC Designation is overseen by your provincial member association. For specific requirements to achieve the CPHC in your province.

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