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Formula & Methodology
Our Winning Recipe

Operations Specialty Groups, and Quantitative Power toolboxes. The formula for rapid leaps and lasting impact.

Our Methodology & Formula

Solving any complex challenge – whether it’s doubling your growth rate, taking out cost sustainability, merging, digitizing, transforming, etc. – boils down to this first principal, a universal truth: you must surface and sense everything relevant to the challenge, absorb it all, think through all your options, decide on the best way forward, and then execute.
Our Data Driven engineering is facilitated on-which the groups do the sensing, absorbing, thinking, and deciding together, they get full clarity on the issues, co-create solutions, deeply align, own the outcomes, and execute sustainability.

Step 1 : Preparation

Leading up to a Actualization, we work with you and your core team to firmly establish the ideal conditions for success. The Preparation phase completes steps 1 – 5 of the formula. Activities include:

Step 2 : Synergization

An inter-disciplinary, large group collaboration. You and your team will work together in a unique and effective way to deconstruct the challenge, rapidly surface everything that matters, absorb and think through all facets in parallel, and culminate by deciding on the best way forward, with strong, broad-based buy-in; equipping large groups to integrate and synthesize all this critical information in new and innovative ways; and, ultimately, landing breakthrough ideas, strategic pathways and tactics.

Step 3 : Mobilization

projects conclude with a one-day session for the core team and decision-makers. It ensures that the solutions and plans generated are formalized and further embedded into the organization. Decision-makers use this session to assign next steps, create budgets, and appoint accountabilities for execution within the larger context of the organization.

Step 4 : Actualization

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