Managing FIDIC Contracts

Managing FIDIC Contracts

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Why Attend
This practical training course or seminar, provided by professional engineers with extensive international experience, explains and illustrates the use of the FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction and for Plant and Design-Build. The course is designed to help the participants have confidence in working with these documents as project managers and contract administrators.

Course Methodology
By identifying the bylaws of contractual obligations. The course will present participants with Preparation of Conditions of Contract. In addition draws the Legal Character of FIDIC Conditions of Contract and the Relationship between FIDIC Conditions of Contract and Legal Systems in general. During the course the participant will also identify the relationship between FIDIC Conditions and Public Procurement Law.

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
- Identify Construction Contracts
- Identify Main Differences between the Construction Contracts
- Identify Responsibilities of the Main Parties
- Become Familiar by constituents of Project Management
- Become Familiar by the Tests on Completion phase and sub-items
- Oriented with project Financial Clauses and Procedures
- Proceed with Suspensions and Terminations
- Identify and properly document Risk, Liability and Force Majeure
- Acknowledge and process Claims and Disputes and Arbitration

Target Competencies
-Streamlining Contract Terms for proper responsibilities assignments
-The proper nomination of risky process for MC
- Claims, Disputes and Arbitration

Course Outline

*Day # 1

Contract documents
-Award and Tender Security
-Sufficiency and discrepancies
-Conditions of Contract and interpretation
-Definition of the Engineer
-Engineer must adhere to Works contract

*Day #2

-Appointment of the Engineer
-Engineer’s delegation of duties and authorities
-Pre-commencement meeting Contractor’s Representative Commencement
-Date Performance Security
-Advance Payment Security
-Insurance Breakdowns of Lump Sums and Unit Rates
-Statutory Approvals and Permits
-Works programme and cash flow Quality
-Assurance and Control Access to and possession of site
-Construction Licence
-Issuing drawings
-Meteorological records
-Contractor’s reports
-Price Adjustment Formula & Indices
-Consent for Subcontractors
-Nominated Subcontractors
-Compliance with Local Law Rules of origin and nationality
-Imports and taxes
-Contractor’s Mobilization Safety, Security & Protection of the Environment
-Diaries and Events Log

Financial control
-Bill of Quantities and Unit Prices
-Provisional Sums
-- General requirements
-- Permitted Variations
-- Employer’s pre-approval
-- Contractor’s compliance
-- Variations after Substantial Completion of the Works

Valuation of Variations
- Principles of valuation
- Adjustments arising from Variations in Quantities
- Incorporating Variations into the Bill of Quantities by establishing new BoQ Items for new and varied Rates
- Adjustments of the Contract Amount

Variation Orders

Value Engineering


Measurement of Works

Valuation of Plant and Materials intended for the Works Contractor’s
Interim Payment Statements
Interim Payment Certificates
- General Requirements
- Price Adjustments
- Repayment of Advance Payment
- Deductions for Retention
- Payment of Retention Money
- Security for Retention Money

Interim Payments

Delayed Payments
- Overview
- Interest (financing charges) on Late Payments

Records of Statements, Certifications and Payments

Estimates of Cost of Works to Completion

Work Quantities management
- Bill of Quantities
- Quantity Take-offs
Monitoring quantity trends Monitoring and reporting Works progress
- Percentage of Progress
- Progress Charts
Contract addenda and amendments


Ongoing supervision
Engineer’s Instructions
Regular progress meetings
Continuing Validity of Securities and Insurance Performance Security
Verification of Contractor’s Personnel and Equipment
Samples and Testing of Materials, Workmanship and Plant
Works Inspection, Testing & Acceptance
Unacceptable Works, Defects Notification and remedies
- Defects Notification
- Acceptance of non-complying Works with payment deductions
- Remedies
Works programme and cash flow revisions
- Works programme revisions
- Cash flow revisions
Contractor’s slow progress
- Remedies to comply with Time for Completion
- Increased working hours
Works Suspensions
- Suspension of Works by the Engineer
- Suspension of Works by the Contractor
Claims: Contractor’s and Employer’s
Documentation, determination and evaluation of Claims
- Documentation of Claims
- Procedures for Determination
- Principle and quantum
- Due consultation
- Limits of the Engineer’s Authority
Delays, Extension of Time for Completion and associated costs
- Completion of Works within the Time for Completion
- Grounds for Extension of Time
- Procedures for Extension of Time Claims
- Costs associated with Extension of Time
- Responsibility for Delay affects Entitlement to Costs
- Prolongation Costs
- Loss of Profit
- Overhead Recovery
Liquidated Damages and Bonus
Disputes and Dispute Resolution
- Contract Provisions
- Engineer’s Decision
- Dispute Adjudication Board
- Amicable Settlement
- Arbitration
Taking over the Works
Substantial Completion
Taking-Over Certificate
- Taking-Over Certificate for the Whole of the Works
- Taking-Over Certificates for Parts of the Works
- Form of Taking-Over Certificate
Inspection at Completion and the Snagging List
Contractor’s Statement at Completion
Interim Payment Certificate at Completion
- Engineer’s Interim Payment Certificate at Completion
- Supplement Report to Interim Payment Certificate at Completion
Interim Payment at Completion
Defects Liability Period and Contract Completion
- Defects Liability Period
- Completion of Remaining Works and Rectification of Defects
- Inspections and Notification of Defects
- Cost of Rectifying Defects and Damage
- Remedies for Non-Performance in Defects Liability Period
- Extension of Defects Liability Period
- Further Tests
- Final Acceptance of Works
- Defects Liability Certificate
- Clearance of Site
- Contractor’s Final Statement
- Contractor’s Discharge
- Final Payment Certificate
- Final Payment
Contract Termination
- Termination by Employer arising from Contractor’s Default
- Termination by Contractor arising from Employer’s Default
- Termination resulting from Force Majeure
- Employer’s Termination for Convenience

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